Tuesday, July 8, 2008

sweet dreams

In the past when one of the kids was away for the night at some sleepover or the other, we let the one still with us camp out in our room with her sleeping bag. Actually, sleeping bag camp outs is a normal weekend habit for the kids on at least one of the nights. It was nearing Heather's bed time and Greg was nowhere finished with the computer (sorry, no beach post tonight), so I sent her in my room to lay in my bed. She asked if she could read a book. Sure! Number one: who am I to say no to the love of reading. She had just finished reading a different Biscuit book to me and declared she loved Biscuit. It's easy to love a book when you know all the words. Number two: I knew she wouldn't last 10 minutes with the combination of our comfy bed, being tired, and the enchanting, cross-eyed dance of words on the page in combination of the first two. 

Sure enough, I found her like this. Notice her thumb is still holding her place. She probably just thought she would rest her eyes just a minute and finish reading the rest. I've made that mistake a time or two myself.

She will never even realize when we scootch her down to her sleeping bag.

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