Saturday, July 5, 2008

a day off

What did you do with your day off courtesy of our Founding Fathers?

Greg woke up early & went to The Depot to get some screen for some plants that are having a hard time with this summer sun. He took Stephanie along. He had my camera with him since he took pictures of the plant victims. Apparently Stephanie was in charge of holding the camera.

She got a picture of Daddy doing some comparison shopping.

What's with these plants? Does she want these for the back yard?

And a self-portrait. I told her I saw the pictures she took with my camera. She said, "Yeah, I was bored." 

They came home to get me to go Best Buy. They reason they came to get me is because I sweet-talked my way into a trip to Joann's while they were in that neck of the woods. I was taking too long browsing for material for my apron swap for their liking so they walked to Best Buy without me. 

When we came home there was lunch, general laziness, and naps. After our naps we went to Suzanne and Dustin's to swim, have a BBQ, and watch fireworks.

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