Monday, July 28, 2008

we saved so much money

We tried to spend a fortune to buy tickets for the HM concert for Stephanie and Heather. We were poised on the computer the minute tickets went on sale. No luck.

We tried for days to win tickets from a local radio station. I still want to grab a phone and dial those magic numbers when I hear the song (a regular Pavlov's dog). No luck.

We considered going to the movie at the theatre but we were met with a $15 per ticket price (for a movie?) and the bad timing of the only week it was showing. No luck.

Finally! Just when it seems these children will never see the concert or the movie of the concert, they air the movie on television. All I had to do is go to the store where I refuse to shop and ask customer service for 4 free pairs of these cool shades.

Then Saturday night, after an all day (school clothes) shopping event, we let the kids stay up way too late to watch the 3D concert (yea for Tivo). It looks like Stephanie might be asleep, but she's not.

This one really is asleep. She feel asleep with the glasses on. I hope she won't try that trick in school!

Sure, being at the actual concert would have been so much more rockin' than laying on our living room floor watching Hannah and Miley. Seeing the movie in the theater would have been way more cool than the carpet too. But, you can't beat the price of this!

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