Thursday, July 3, 2008

minus one

Today we are minus one in our house. Heather went to the beach with Grandma & Grandma Millar. Apparently Heather has been giving Grandma lessons in the fairness of life because Grandma was feeling a little sorry that next week Stephanie will get to go to camp and Heather will stay home with us. So she invited her on the beach trip they were already taking. 

Both of the kids have spent the night, even some in a row, with Grandma & Papa before. Greg and I have left town without them, even. But this is the first time the kids are going out of town without us! I'm not so sure I like the feeling of the apron strings being snipped away slowly. The house doesn't sound right without the two of them.

Last night, just minutes after Heather left the house, Stephanie got all blue and said she missed her sister. Said she was bored. This morning when I got Stephanie up, the first thing she asked me was, "Where's Heather?" When we got home from school tonight, Stephanie asked if we could call Heather. Except for things like school and an occasional outing, they are not used to being apart. It's so sweet to see her miss Heather so much. Now if only she can remember the feeling of missing the next time they argue senselessly over some miniscule tidbit. 

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Danny & Paulette said...

It's good to know how close the two of them are. Aside from these temporary separations, they do make quite a pair. Thinking positively, look how close you'll be with Heather while Stephanie is at camp. I can just see the group hugs when Heather gets home, when Stephanie leaves for camp, and then when Stephanie gets home from camp. Thank you for teaching your kids the most important things; LOVE, FAMILY, GOD, etc. They are the best kids because they have the best parents. Good job.