Monday, July 14, 2008

new boss

Remember I told you my principal accepted another position in the district? Traitor. Anyway, we've had an interim principal and our lovely assistant principal for the last several weeks. Today our new principal started. I was all nervous and my belly was tied up in knots this morning. Would I like her? Would she like me? Would she someday know our staff as well as CA had known us? I had no idea how much CA knew about me until I realized she had probably orchestrated some events that led me to lead some trainings in the midst of me having this strange new fear of speaking in front of a group of adults. I had no idea she realized what a perfectionist I am until she teased me (nicely, because there is no mean about her) about it at the beginning of this year. When CA announced she would be leaving our school, I was heart-broken and cried when she personally told my class before track break. I was unsure of what was to come, but I made a conscious decision to accept this with an open mind and make the best of what would come. Change can be a positive force, and I am determined to accept its gifts. The new principal may come in and shake things up. But just because it's not the way CA did things, it doesn't mean it's wrong. 

This morning the staff was gathered in the library to meet the new principal. She walked in, laughed, and said something funny about us all staring at her. The next few words that flowed out of her mouth in her southern lilt, including the word y'all, put me at full ease. There is something about her that is immensely familiar. There is something about her manner that tells me this change is going to be all right. This change just might be fun.

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