Saturday, April 5, 2008

all fun and games

Friday was Field Day at school. Oh, how the kids love this day. The morning is filled with all sorts of P.E. type games. In the afternoon the 5th graders play the teachers in a vicious rousing game of kickball. The teachers always win. Always. We have no mercy. I say "we" like I get out there to kick the ball and run my jiggly self around the bases. Ha! Last year I did play. I kicked the ball well, too. And I ran. Not this time. I sat with my class while we rooted for the teachers to win. Second graders are still on the teachers' side and want us to win. I will have to play again when Stephanie is in 5th grade, I imagine. 

Charlotte, Silva, and I got matching shirts for the occasion. Charlotte said she'd only have her picture taken if I didn't put it on my blog. Ok, suit yourself. 

Stephanie was soooo excited about Field Day. The fervor was right up there with Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Most importantly she loves the games involving water. There are usually about three. She didn't get too wet. 

Of course, ready to point out any injustices, Heather was not happy about Field Day. Kindergarten does not participate in the whole school Field Day. They have their own Field Day later on. Well, this just was not hitting the fair button with her. All she knew was that Stephanie was having fun and she was not. It completely escapes her that Stephanie had to wait, just like this to be involved in the whole school event. The only difference is that Stephanie was less aware of it because she doesn't have a big sister to tell her such things are going on.

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