Saturday, April 12, 2008

just look at these beauties

Remember this post when Greg commented on the poor condition of my feet and bird-pecked toes? Well, I got two gift certificates for pedicures for my birthday. Hmmm. Somebody else must have noticed too. One was from Beasley (a friend from school who defected to Mississippi). She gave Charlotte one for her birthday too. So today we went to get our birthday pedis and go out to lunch. We usually go to the same shop. And even though we go only a few times a year, the girls have mentioned before that they remember us. Seriously! Who could forget us? They probably take one look at us when we walk in and say to each other, in Korean of course, that there's those girls. You know, the one who takes care of her feet and her friend who lets the birds do her pedi on a regular basis. Then they probably do paper-rock-scissors when we aren't looking to decide who has to fix my nasty feet. They are probably taking bets on whether or not the palm sander will be required. 

I'm happy to say the the palm sander was not necessary afterall, although quite a bit of pumice was used!

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