Tuesday, April 1, 2008

from the box

Sometimes at the end of the day we go around and tell the best thing and the worst thing that happened in the day. So, the four of us were having a bedtime snuggle:

Me: Daddy, what was the best part of your day? (In my mind, I'm thinking ~ don't say dinner.)

Greg: Dinner.


You see, because we get home so late on Monday nights, Greg started dinner. Being a man of few culinary skills there are only a few things he will concede to cooking. The dreaded box above is one of them. We are trying to not bring home fast food on late nights ~ you know, keep the wallet fatter and hiney smaller. If I cook dinner it often makes our day sooo very late and the kids and Greg get to bed way too late. So, as one of our very quick choices I've given in to the box a few times a month. Blech! Although Greg and the kids like it, I've never really enjoyed the Helper and totally cannot stand any of them that have the cheese powder. I've also been trying to make less things from a box to cut down on the number of preservatives in our meals (and because I can). So the night of the Helper box is a huge compromise for me.

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