Friday, April 18, 2008

do you

ever wish you could just undo something? Something very small, in fact.

A few weeks ago I tried to register for a coupon or free sample, can't even really remember what. I've done this before and you fill out a few surveys and you're on your way. Free sample to arrive soon. Oh my! What a treat!

Only this time I decided halfway through the 45,000th survey question that I was done. I exited out and thought nothing of email box was overflowing with JUNK! I hadn't even finished the process, won't get the free sample. But they got my email address (I used an alternate one I have.) My email address got pimped out and I don't even get a free sample of body wash.

So I just keep deleting all emails that want me to buy their little blue pill (cuz I need it?), their vacation package, their diet plan, oh, and meet Mr. Right. Delete. Delete. Delete.

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