Thursday, April 17, 2008

feeling a little rebellious

We are allowed to wear jeans to school. It's completely within the dress code. My principal, however, has asked that we try to reserve jeans for Fridays. She would prefer we dress professionally for the rest of the week. Well, since you asked so nicely. I usually go along with her request. 

Not today.

I'm wore jeans.

I'm sick of my clothes. I'm bored of my options. Let's face it, I wear the black pants once a week, the brown pants once a week, and probably the tan pants once a week. Then I shake things up with a pair of capris sometimes. Or I wear the other pair of black or brown pants. The only way it's different is what top I pair with the usual suspects of pants. Those choices are getting tiresome too. Also, you know that I need to have ironed clothes. That does not mean I love to iron. Quite the contrary, I don't. So it's a bonus that this outfit required little ironing today.

Hey, at least I wore a cute top and nice sandals.

Since tomorrow is Friday, I'll be wearing jeans then too. 

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