Wednesday, April 2, 2008

little lady

Yesterday, when I picked Heather up from daycare she brought home this ice cream tub. She had caught a lady bug at school and her teacher helped her prepare it for travel. This little hotel was complete with grass and ventilation holes. On the way to dance, she told me how she held the bucket carefully so the lady bug would not get hurt on the way from school to daycare. The bus ride is a little bumpy, especially where speed bumps are involved.

She really wanted to keep the lady bug and was even trying to think of names for the gal. 

We convinced her that the best thing would be to let the lady bug stay in her hotel for the night, then set her free in the backyard this morning. We explained carefully that we needed the lady bug to eat the potential nasty bugs that may be in the backyard. We convinced her that setting her free was the right thing to do.

So this morning, we set her free in the backyard. Heather left her hotel on the back porch, lid off, just in case she wanted to visit it again. 

Heather is certain she will stick around our backyard and not be tempted to fly off to greener yards. Our, afterall, is really coming along.

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