Tuesday, April 8, 2008

morning routine

When Stephanie was a toddler and eating her breakfast at daycare, I tried to let her sleep as long as possible in the morning. I'd try to get her up, get her dressed and hair done (yes, always the hair done!) quickly, and leave. That backfired in a big way. I learned the hard way that she needs to be eased into the morning. When being forced up, it needs to be done in increments. So I'd wake her up and plop her on the couch in front of her favorite show. Sometimes she fall back asleep, sometimes not. Over the years the routine changed some and she ended up in my bed after her first wake up. It's a nice time to snuggle daddy. Her second wake up is no easier. She doesn't like to be woken up! So, sometimes I have no choice but to get loud and forceful. I've had to manhandle her to pull her out of bed and force her to a standing position at times. 

These days, daddy is working early so they just snuggle each other. They negotiate more sleep time by taking their breakfast to school with them on some mornings.

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Danny & Paulette said...

What an absolutely beautiful picture!!!! You did good when you forced these two out of the womb.