Saturday, April 5, 2008

first fruits

This year we are conducting a test garden. Our small garden is located in the perfect little alcove in the backyard. It gets some good morning sun, but not too much the rest of the day. It is protected from the winds that sometimes rage down the side of our house and into the backyard. 

A few times we've gotten excited about planting vegetables and go all out, filling the whole garden with what we've chosen. When we've made the wrong choice, the whole garden fails. We feel lousy and then have to wait for nice weather to try again. 

This year we've decided instead of buying 2,700 of the same plant or seed, we'd try just one or a few of several things. So we have a tomato plant, a chive plant, a bell pepper plant, and a strawberry plant. We planted some seeds for corn, pumpkins, and beans. We'll see what works this year, then plant more of that next year. Test garden. Ingenious idea!

Four strawberries were ready to pick today. One for each of us.

They were delicious. 

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