Tuesday, April 22, 2008

the things I will do for you

This weekend I bought the kids some new P.E. clothes. Well, Heather doesn't have P.E. again until 1st grade, but she likes to dress for P.E. on Stephanie's P.E. days. Last night I asked Stephanie what she wanted to wear for P.E. This is merely a rhetorical question because I prefer she wear something appropriately sporty for P.E. She said she wanted to wear her new clothes. I told her they weren't washed yet. Now, this doesn't really bother me, but Greg likes to have new clothes washed first. Since Heather's eczema has been flaring up, it's probably better to wash them first. 

Stephanie smiled her most conniving convincing smile and said I could just was them before I went to bed and wake up when they were done to put them in the dryer. Let me get this straight, you want me to babysit the washer like it was an infant? You want me to fall asleep then be woken up by a buzzer telling me to get up and switch the laundry loads? You want me to have less than a full night's sleep because you are feeling fashion foward? 

Sure, baby, anything for you.

Well, truth be told, I stayed in bed when the buzzer woke me out of my near-sleep state and put them in the dryer at o'dark thirty when Greg left for work.

So today they wore new P.E. clothes.

Please, children, remember this when I ask you to clean your rooms and the playroom!

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