Friday, April 18, 2008

i'm sorry

I'm sorry, little girl, that I let my curse gift of procrastination leak all over you! I have tried so hard to teach you how to pace yourself and not let things wait until the last minute. I've tried to encourage you to get started early and go steady.

I've tried, but somehow, I've failed.

I've told you what to do, but I've shown you the complete opposite. I know you've noticed that I will stay up half the night trying to finish a birthday present. I know you've noticed that before we have guests over there is a mad rush to finish cleaning. I know  you've noticed that we are hurried and late everywhere we go. I know you've noticed what a screaming, stressed mess I become in the heat of my demise.

In the process, procrastination got all over you. What a sticky mess! You didn't listen when I nagged encouraged you to read those Accelerated Reader books and take the tests so you could reach your trimester goal. You read, for sure, but not always as much as I would have liked. And not always with the goal in mind. Now, here you are, at the 12th hour, reading furiously and taking tests to make 100% of your goal by the time we go home. Here you are, not playing with your friends on a Friday afternoon, because you got caught in the mire of procrastination. I'm praying you will be able to claw your way out one of these days.

I'm so proud of you for making your goal ~ for being the only one in your class to make your goal. But next time, let's not wait until the last gosh darn minute! Let's get started on your next trimester goal right away!

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