Thursday, June 19, 2008


Brent, Kim, and Carter will be here later this afternoon to stay with us for a few days. I've cleaned bathrooms, washed sheets, vacuumed, mopped (well, I will), dusted, done the dishes, and picked up 6,700 messes. There will be no peeing, pooping, showering, using dishes, wearing clothes, or running about wildly until further notice.

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Danny & Paulette said...

Yo, Blog lady -
How long will your brother/sister in law/nephew be in town? Are we doing church and lunch Sunday? Are they going with us, or meeting us for lunch? When can we pop in to see Carter? We've been giving you your space for family time - BUT WE REALLY NEED TO SEE CARTER!!! And besides, with him there you seem to have forgotten your loyal fans and stopped blogging altogether. We understand. Most people don't like liver, let alone CHOPPED LIVER.