Thursday, June 5, 2008

lunch with alaska folk

Greg's aunt, Esther, was in town from Alaska this past weekend so we met her for lunch with Grandma & Grandpa Smith. The usuals, Danny & Paulette, were there as well as the almost usuals, Wendy & Chris. We don't get to see Esther and Randy as much as we'd like, what with them living almost a country away!

Esther & Grandma Smith

Grandpa Smith

Papa & his girls! These girls are so adorable I could just bite them. Oh, wait, sometimes I do bite their cheeks! How can I resist? I just cannot believe how big they are getting. 

Wendy has been craving tootsie pops & Stephanie had one. She was sharing a little bit with Wendy when Wendy bit off the tootsie part. Shocked, Stephanie was trying to get her to get it out of her mouth. Wendy kept telling her that she wasn't allowed to have it anyway (sticky ~ not appliance friendly) so she was doing Stephanie a favor. 

It would appear that Wendy is craving all things "stick related." In addition to tootsie pops, she has a burning need to have orange creamsicles daily ~ more than one.

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