Sunday, June 22, 2008

a moment of silence

Let us please pause for a moment of silence. During this moment of silence, feel free to feel sorry for me, bestow me with your sympathy & pity, and join in my sadness. Tomorrow they are forcing me to return to work. They are making me stand in front of seven-year-olds to impart knowledge, ask engaging questions, and generally be ignored. The district feels that I actually have to work in return for the paltry sums they deposit into my bank account twice a month. The nerve! I will be required to pee according a schedule, inhale my lunch in less than 20 minutes (don't know what happens to the other 10), and skip my nap. All this while smiling cheerfully and remembering not to swear. I will be exhausted tomorrow evening and don't think I should be expected to cook or be nice to anyone at home ~ afterall, I already have that Mother of the Year award in the bag. Right?

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