Monday, June 30, 2008

guess who's coming for dinner

Saturday night Suzanne and Dustin came over for dinner. Friday at school, Suzanne asked Heather if she could play in her room and mess it up. Being the compliant child she can be, Heather told her she could.

We had a Rachael Ray recipe for spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread. About halfway through dinner I realized I forgot to put out the salad! Oh well. For dessert I subjected them to my favorite cake recipe ever. It's the birthday cake my mother always made when I was little. I didn't get it for my birthday this year, so I decided to make it. I say subjected, because Greg doesn't get what all the hype is about the cake. All I know is that I can eat this cake for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (and have been known to do so). Charlotte made it for her dad one time. Now whenever she visits him he asks her to make multiple cakes and even has to make them for his friends and relatives. It's that good, people! 

You can't have dinner without entertainment. Greg and the girls, but mostly the girls, were happy to provide the entertainment with acrobatic feats. There were cartwheels, round offs, and Greg's special leg flips. Ah, but the highlight of this circus was the balancing act.

The kids sit on Greg's feet then he lifts his feet. It's their job to balance. Of course, it may be a little difficult to balance when it's like riding the bull at a cowboy bar. There might have been a some bucking and swaying involved. 

Let's raise the stakes a little higher. Greg started throwing them off and they landed on him. Naturally, they thought this was hilarious.

Here we have our willing and amused audience. You didn't know you were in for this kind of entertainment when you accepted our dinner invitation, did you?

It's all fun and games until someone gets a rug-burned face! Apparently at this time, the circus rodeo entertainment was over.

Thanks for coming to dinner. We had a good time. We hope you did too!

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