Sunday, June 1, 2008

when i should be listening in church

I'm sitting in church this morning and I look over in the general direction of Greg's mom (Greg is between us). Her hands catch my eye. The house lights were off mostly, so I had to do a double take because surely I did not see what I just saw! Oh my! My eyes were not fooling me. I saw this:

So I said to Greg, "Why are your mom's nails green with a shamrock & it's not March?" He leans over and asks her and she says, "Boston Celtics." Huh? Ok, whatever. Last time I checked we didn't live in Boston. After church she tells me that that's Danny's favorite basketball team and they're in the playoffs. He asked her to paint her nails this way. Celtics? What happened to the Bears? Oh yeah, that's football. I've known Danny for a lot of years now and really had no idea he had Celtic love. Just goes to show you can still learn new things about people.

No, Greg, I will not paint my nails orange with the number 20 no matter how much you beg.

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