Thursday, June 12, 2008

under pressure

Earlier this year the kids and I were driving somewhere (the most profound conversations happen in the car ~ captive audience, I guess) and Heather told me that if she has a boy baby when she grows up she will name him Clinton James Jones. Ok. I guess I'd better focus on helping her find that boy with the last name of Jones. 


Today, in the car again ~

H: When I have a baby if he, or she, has curly hair, I'm going to name don't know. Maybe I'll just wait and see what it looks like.

S: You have to figure out the name before you go to the hospital.

Me: No, you don't. You can wait until the baby is born. You should have a name before you take the baby home, though.

H: Why?

Me: For the birth certificate.

H: Oh! I just don't know. I'd better hurry up. There's not enough time. I've got to get this figured out. Mom, do you have a book with names in it?

Me: No, I gave it away.  You have plenty of time.

What's the rush????


The other day she says to me (uh, yes, that'd be in the car ~ again) ~ 

H: Mommy, when I grow up I'm going to meet a nice boy and marry him.

Me: That's good.

H: It's going to be Daddy.

Me: You can't marry Daddy. I already did.

H: Well, can't you just find somebody else?

Me: Nope, I got him first. 

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