Tuesday, June 10, 2008

turn, turn, turn

Through the great bloggy world I have discovered something  that I can no longer live without! 

What is that? You're asking yourself that question right this very minute, aren't you? It's called a quick turn and is simply amazing. 

Previously, when sewing any king of tie, strap, or long piece of something that needed to be turned right side out I would spend forever manipulating the fabric to get that baby right side out. The skinnier the tie, the worse it was. Then I read about the quick turn and had to try it for myself. 

I have to tell you, the angels sang and I was moved to near tears the first time I used it. I was thrilled about how easy it is to turn a tie. 

Here's how to use it (because I know you are on the edge of your seat and can barely contain yourself):

You need the tie/strap that is sewn with right sides together, the appropriate fitting blue tube and corresponding dowel. Push the blue tube into the fabric tube.

Use the dowel to push the fabric into the tube. Keep pushing and bunching the fabric up the tube until it starts to come out the other end.

Keep pushing. The dowel starts to come out the other end of the tube. Grab it and move the blue tube along, moving opposite of the dowel.

Ta da! Your fabric tube has been turned right side out with no tears and minimal effort. Iron the fabric and  you're on you're way to the next step of the project. 

This gadget was about $10 and worth every penny. In the time and frustration that it has already saved me, it has paid for itself. So if you sew, run right out and get yourself one. You can thank me later. Be sure to show me the project you made. 

I'll show you the final pictures of the project that needed a green strap soon. It was for Heather. As soon as I finish Stephanie's I'll post both. 

Oh! You get bonus points if the title of the post made you sing this song in your head. 

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