Sunday, June 22, 2008

family in town

Brent, Kim, and Carter came this weekend for an all too short visit. I'm always excited to see them and each visit doesn't seem quite long enough. The boy with the easy smile sure has grown (Carter has grown, not my brother) in the past two months since we visited him! 

Carter and the girls have formed a Mutual Admiration  Society! The girls tickle, snuggle, and coo at him. Carter eats it up and rewards them with smiles and squeals. Stephanie can really get him going. 

Friday afternoon the kids talked us into taking them to Chuck E. Cheese. Heather says I am the best mom ever for taking them to see Chuck. I think she just might be laying on the sweet-talk. We amused ourselves by taking pictures of each other while the kids racked up the prize tickets. 

Kim played a couple rounds of skee ball. With her athletic proweress, she was too fast and pictures of that turned out too blurry. I'm sure she's heartbroken over that business. 

Carter just started eating cereal about a week ago, so when he ate it was like feeding time at the zoo ~ everyone crowded around to watch.

Kim said that Friday was the first time that he actually seemed to enjoy eating the cereal. I think he enjoyed the mess he made as well! He ended up with cereal on his knees and feet because he kept grabbing them after he tried to suck his thumb and eat cereal at the same time.

I snapped this picture of Greg just after he came home from work. He was hot, tired, and having his usual pepperoni (or other meat) snack. He told me not to post this because his hair looked bad. 

No more mamapaparattzi!

We went out for dinner and frozen custard on Friday night. When we got home I was bugging everyone by taking a million pictures. 

Since Greg didn't to to Brent & Kim's house with us in April, this trip was his first time meeting Carter. He loves him. Who wouldn't? Of course, Carter loves Greg too. Babies always find Greg amusing. 

We took them back to the airport Saturday afternoon, then moped all the way home. 

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