Tuesday, June 17, 2008

the weather was hot and the water was cold

When Greg mowed the lawn this weekend, he turned off the sprinklers and forgot to turn them back on. We water in the early morning hours, so by the time Greg leaves for work at 5:30 the lawn has usually been watered a couple of times. Oops. So he told me to manually turn on the sprinklers several times. Then he called at about 8:00 or 9:00 to check on that progress. Uh, yeah, I'm all over it. I'd only turned them on once. You see, it was going to be 110 degrees yesterday the yard was gonna cook. He keeps telling me if the grass dies in the front yard we are going to desert landscape. I keep telling him to forget it and that he'd better make sure the grass doesn't die. So he told me to turn on the hoses and let the kids play in the water and to keep turning the sprinklers on manually. 

So there they are ~ spraying, running, squealing, splashing. The girls had a lovely time. We stayed outside until they got cold from the water and I got hot.

p.s. ~ There were going to be more pictures, but my battery died right after taking this one & it takes hours to charge.

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