Thursday, June 12, 2008

for the fashion minded

Are you wondering about the latest summer fashions? Are you dying to know what's hot this year? I know. So were we. Luckily the kids put on a fabulous fashion show for us Tuesday evening. 

The show started out with handmade invitations. Then they spent time getting their outfits coordinated and even practiced coming down the stairs in that runway model sort of way. They presented me with a list of songs for Daddy to make into a playlist for them, ranging from Rihanna to ABBA. Stephanie informed me they had 16 changes each and wanted to know if 4 songs was enough. I laughed and told her she better add two more songs.

The show commenced after dinner.

Stephanie had "the walk" down and graciously stopped to pose for the camera. What a diva! This girl is definitely a performer. 

Heather was all about movement and had to be asked to slow down for the camera. She, of course, was willing to do so. Heather came down a few times half-dressed and giggling. Apparently she was having a tough time with the quick changes.

At one point, each member of the audience received a pair of these nifty glasses. I even got a feather boa out of the deal. I love a fashion show with giveaways! 

They didn't do their 16 changes each. They ran out of tunes. But they had a wonderful time planning and putting on their fashion show. 

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M&M Kanet said...

They are so fun and creative! It looks like an entertaining show - I'm going to make Ellie do that when she's older. It's a good thing they're in dance so they have fun outfits to choose from. Cute girls. I also love the conversations in the car. Heather is a crack up. She's ready to move out any day and start her own family!