Tuesday, June 10, 2008

what do you do

when your mama makes you a totally cool library tote?

Well, you go to the library, of course. Even if you don't really need to because you haven't read all the books you checked out the last time. Especially if a book your mom requested is now available.

Sunday the girls and I tortured Greg, Grandma, and Papa by making them go to Joann's with us to pick out fabric for library totes. You see, if we are going to be using our library card more than the debit card (new personal goal of mine), then you need to do with with style and ease. Those plastic bags the library sometimes has available are 1) ugly, 2) bad for the environment (I care most of the time.), and 3) flimsy for kids to deal with.

Heather's bag has sparkly butterflies and stripes.

Stephanie's bag has Barbie prints. Greg helped her pick out the fabrics for her bag.

Each bag has pockets inside and I made each of them little library card holders - like business card holders.

This would be the reason why dishes did not get done at our house yesterday or much of today. Cuz any reason is a good enough reason!

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