Thursday, June 26, 2008

dear old lady in the library check out line

For future reference, next time you see me (or any other person) in line behind you, please do not turn around and tell me there should be a limit on the number of movies a person is allowed to check out. Yes, I did see the lady at the self-check put a huge stack of movies in her library cart. I also saw the substantial amount of books as well. Did you? I think you were sufficiently shocked when I replied to you that there is a limit. I happen to know this piece of library trivia because I just so happened to be on the website this morning checking on how much I owed in fines (oops). You commented that they should charge to borrow movies. Hey, they already do that ~ it's called Blockbuster! Oh and yes, you may have detected attitude from me. I, after all, was behind a grumpy grouch (you) in a line and holding a stack of overdue books, that were hot from baking in the car all day, while other people were taking up the clerk's time checking out books that they have apparently already checked out! When it came your time to talk to the frustrated clerk, I heard you being Ms. Grumpy Fussypants and giving her a hard time about your account. Look, they have millions of books to keep track of. So they accidentally charged you some late fines. The clerk cleared them. Now let it go!

Girl with Overdue Books

P.S. Go rent a movie and relax!

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