Saturday, June 14, 2008

shining stars and cartwheels in the grass

They've practiced. They've fallen. They've cried a few times (when you can't get a move just right). They've laughed. They've had fun. They've worked hard.

Now, today is their big day. Today is the day they show what they've worked so tirelessly on since October. Dance classes usually start in August, but the studio was in the middle of a move, so class beginnings were postponed until October. That mean two less months of practice.

This morning the kids rode bikes outside while Daddy mowed the lawn until I made them come in and get showered. The primping  started off with curlers ~ squishy for Heather and hot for Stephanie. 

Add a sparkly outfit and they were all set for their hip hop number. Why can't you tell that I curled their hair??

I never get tired of looking at these wonderful faces. They had a great time doing their hip hop dance. Their recital is truly big time. It is held on the big stage of one of the performing arts centers at the university. There are two performing arts centers, the studio rents out the big one for this event. They love to dance on the big stage. They love the rehearsals at the university just days before the recital too.

There are two shows because there are so many classes at the studio. Their hip hop number was in the first show. Then we had a quick lunch and headed back to the university for the second show. Their combo (tap, ballet, & gym) classes had their numbers in the second show. Stephanie's class did a jazz routine with some gym tricks in the middle. Heather's class did a tap routine.

Grandma & Grandpa Smith brought roses for the girls. 

I took some pictures during dress rehearsals, but they are so hard to get because they move so fast. Here's Heather doing her tap routine.

Here's Stephanie in the final moments of her jazz routine.

Both kids did such a wonderful job. Stephanie is always on the mark with her moves and leads her class. Heather really shone in her tap routine and was the obvious leader of her class. It's so nice to see their hard work is paying off.

The day ended up being a long day. Getting ready (and the screaming mother) plus the two long shows took pretty much the whole day. But they've worked so hard all year, the least we can give them is an entire day devoted to them. To watching them. To praising them. To showing them they are talented and valued. I'm happy to do it.

Today, Stephanie thanked me for taking them to dance every week, paying for dance, and paying for their costumes. I may or may not have complained a few times about how far dance class is nowdays. The thing is this ~ as long as they are having a good time, working hard, and are appreciative of the effort and money spent, we will continue paying, driving, and waiting. We have seen how this has boosted their self-confidence and their physical skills. We are willing to make the sacrifices that are necessary for this to continue for as long as they want. We both are hoping they will want to be involved in dance well into high school.

Funny story ~ one day recently we were trying to get the girls to do their hip hop routine for Grandma & Papa at the house. Stephanie was willing, but Heather got all shy and refused. After they were gone I asked Heather what was the big deal. She said they were going to look at her. I pointed out that many, many people would be looking at her on the stage at the university. To which she replied, "Yeah, but I can't see them." 

Stephanie and Heather would like to thank the following people for coming to see them perform: Grandma, Papa, Wendy, Tony, Grandma & Grandpa Smith, Grandma Tona, Papa Robinson, Suzanne, and Dustin. It means a lot to them that you came to support them. 

After the second show we stopped for ice cream. A good performance always deserves ice cream as far as I'm concerned. Well, there are many reasons deserving of ice cream in my book. Driving home Greg said that watching all the dancing and gymnastics (and there were very awesome & scary tricks done by the older kids) he was feeling like he wanted to do cartwheels. So he did. Stephanie even encouraged him to do a one-handed cartwheel. He did. Notice,  you don't see me out there doing that crazy stuff. Although I did tell Suzanne I was working on a handspring and splits number. Then again, maybe a banana split is the closest I should come to any kind of splits number in the near future.

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Danny & Paulette said...

BRAVO, BRAVO!!! We all enjoyed the show. The girls did a great job and you (Andrea and Greg) deserve a hand for getting them to practice, etc. Now, as for Greg doing cartwheels in the back yard - ARE YOU CRAZY????? You DO remember the wrist operations, the time off work, the feelings of uselessness while waiting for them to heal? I would encourage you NOT to try to follow in your daughter's footsteps (or handsteps, as the case may be).