Saturday, May 3, 2008

all by myself

When Greg and I went grocery shopping the weekend before I went to Arizona, I asked him if there was anything we needed to buy for him. He had previously raised concerned that I'd leave him with nothing he could easily prepare for meals. Like I'd do that! I had already stocked up on hot pockets, canned stew (ew!), soup, etc. So his answer was just Fruity Pebbles. He informed me that I needed to hide it from the kids all week because he intended to eat the whole box by himself over the weekend. Because, you see, what usually happens is he gets one bowl on the weekend and over the course of the week the kids eat the rest of the box. I left the box out on the counter for him before we left on Friday. When we came home it was nearly empty. There was enough for the kids to have one bowl each the next morning. 

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