Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Well, I woke up still a little miffed about yesterday. When I got to school one of the teachers asked me if her student teacher could pop in and observe me today. Usually, I'm very accommodating in these situations. I just had to tell her today wasn't the best day. I told her I wasn't over my bad mood, but felt sure that Thursday it will have left me. 

As the day went on I found I was pulling out of it. Yay for me. I can keep my job. 

I have a feeling that I was still a little pissy today because I stayed up a little too late reading a vampire novel. But at the moment I felt I deserved to stay up late and read. I finished the first two books and bought the third. I'm halfway finished already. They are so oddly addicting. I think Edward might be my new boyfriend.

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Marian said...

Do you let others borrow books? I am trying to get on the waiting list from the library and my other friends that own this book. EVERYONE tells me I need to read them! We already have too many books and not enough book shelf space to buy it. Please help a friend in need! :)