Saturday, May 10, 2008

all wet

Alas, the stars and moon have aligned in just the right way. The daisies sway peacefully in the breeze as the spring sun warms their faces. The gods of all that's equal have smiled down sweetly on the little lass named Heather. The fairness monster has been once again laid to rest...for now.

Stephanie had field day in early April. The kindergarten kids have their field day separately from the rest of the school. Oh, the morning of field day for Stephanie was filled with cries of "not fair," punctuated with pouts and stomping feet. Tragic, really, to be the little sister at times. So I explained, again, that the field days are separate and that hers was scheduled in May. I assured her that she too would be able to don copious amounts of sunscreen and spend the day outside screaming while playing games. 

Yesterday was Heather's field day. When my kids were at art, I went to see how things were going. They were having a ball. I think Heather may have been having more fun than any kid out there. They were playing a sponge game. The person at the beginning of the line soaks a sponge and they pass it over their heads. The last person in line wrings the sponge out into a different bucket and runs to the front of the line to start all over. The official object of the game is to be the first line to fill your bucket at the end of the line. The real object of the game is to get W-E-T!

When passing the sponge you are supposed to gingerly pass it to the person behind you and if you happen to squeeze just a little too hard over their heads as you are completing the pass, well, that's the danger of playing the game. Oh, no, not these guys. Each kid practically emptied the sponge of water on their own head before passing it to the person behind them. 

By the time I went inside Heather was completely soaked in front. I laughed and told her I didn't send any dry clothes with her! She pretended to be shocked while she laughed too. This little monkey had so much fun on her field day.

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