Thursday, May 8, 2008

no thanks

One night last week I had to go to the grocery store to get paper mache supplies. When we walked in the store Heather said she wanted to push the cart. Sometimes I'm up for letting them, sometimes I'm not. If at any time they hit my ankles with the cart, they are done for the trip. No second chances here. Mean, I know.

Anyway, she was pushing the basket down the aisles without too much incident. At one point I was loading the basket, turned back to the shelf to get more, then turned to put the items in the basket and she was halfway down the aisle. 

Heather's still a little short to see over the top well so she moved to the front of the basket to pull it. I thought I'd help out and push while she steered. 

Heather: No, thank you. (putting up her hand to wave me off)

Me: I'll just help a little.

Heather: No, thank you.

Just in case you are wondering, liquid starch is a great paper mache glue. If it gets on clothes, or even carpet, it comes right out nicely since it's a laundry product. And! There's no pasty mixing involved.

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