Monday, May 19, 2008


Here, at our house, we are testing our limits. We are trying to see how much stress we can possibly handle at one time and not S-N-A-P! Considering the computer, sewing machine, and our children are all in one piece, I'd say we have succeeded so far. 

Stephanie's costume is almost done. I stayed up late last night and intended on finishing, but tacking down the lining and sewing the hem (both by hand) took forever! I gave up at 12:30. Tonight I just have to finish the bottom of the apron. This, really, should be no problem. The dress isn't perfect, but from the audience you'll never know I had a little trouble with the zipper and a couple more places. 

Yesterday we also had to help Stephanie finalize her science fair project. This involved taking & printing some pictures, managing her typing skills, and getting the information on the board all pretty like. Wouldn't you know, the computer started acting senile. The color printer was out of black (one trip to the store for me). The computer will not be pushed. It somehow senses the urgency of a project and drags its feet, demanding some quality attention in the form of a disc repair or some sort. Once Greg got everything working properly, Stephanie did a wonderful job of putting it together - with a little advice. Her cuts are not measured and uneven in spots. Some of the stuff ended up a little crooked. My instincts were to swoop in and make sure it turned out perfect. I pushed down those instincts and let her be. She did it herself. 

Where is the littlest Robinson in all this? Well, frankly feeling maybe a little dejected. She kept getting in the way of Stephanie's project so she was told to go find something to do. I couldn't play with her because I was trying to do two things at once. She made the best of it and played house by herself. She did get to go out and play when Greg mowed the yard. Two bloody noses and a bike fall later she was sent in prematurely and told to take a shower. 

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