Saturday, May 3, 2008

i get to sit by the window seat

Stephanie and Heather were very excited for their plane ride. This was only their second time on a plane, but by then you're a pro, right? For their first plane ride, the trek through the security line was a fiasco. They were 6 and 4 at the time. As we were making our way through the security line, taking off our shoes, and loading the carry on items on the belt, the security lady was trying to wave me through the detector. I told her I was waiting for Greg & the girls because I had all the boarding passes. She got snippy with me and told me to go through. Fine! I did. So I was standing on the other side watching as she proceeded to ask Greg where the boarding passes were for him and the kids. Hello, stupid lady! Apparently she did not have her listening ears on. She gave him crap about not having them all the while I'm telling her that I have them. Fiasco! 

This time, I made each person carry their own boarding pass with the threat that if they lose them in the 10 feet from the conveyor belt to the other side of the detector they will have to just call a taxi and go home. I made the kids walk through the detector before me, then snatched up their boarding passes as soon as I was on the other side with them. This time, no fiasco.

As anticipated, the kids loved the flight. Nobody was scared. Although Heather squeezed my hand hard as the wheels left the earth. And so there was no fighting we worked it out ahead of time. Heather would sit by the window on the way there, Stephanie on the way back. I like it when a plan works out!

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