Sunday, May 18, 2008

making the 8-year old mad

Stephanie is just a little mad at me. Well, maybe mad is not the right word. She's, hm, maybe frustrated. I'm sewing her costume for her play this Thursday and well, I'm not done. In fact, I just started it yesterday. I've had the pattern and fabric forever, but haven't seen fit to start it. Cutting out the pattern is a pain, so I just wait. 

Two weeks ago after drama practice she informed me that everyone had their costume but her. Really? Everyone? Yes. Even Zoe? Yes! No she doesn't because I know for a fact that her mom had not started hers yet either. She's worried I won't get done in time. She's losing faith in me. When have I ever let her down? She said never. So there! Last night I was telling Greg this story and he asked if I could blame her. He asked what I was going to do if something with this costume didn't work out. I laughed and said I'd have to pay Zoe's mom to fix it. I've got a back up plan...sort of.

Anyway, yesterday I cut out the pattern. I read all the instructions and the sewing doesn't seem bad. So today I sew while Greg and I supervise a science fair project. 

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