Tuesday, May 13, 2008

silly girl

Last night, Stephanie was taking a shower in our shower. I walked in there to get a load of laundry and heard her talking. Fully intending on eavesdropping, I stopped short and stayed silent. She was mumbling too much, so I couldn't really make anything out.

Me: Who are you talking to?

Stephanie: No one.

Me: Oh. Hurry and wash so you can get out.

Stephanie: OK.

She must have been done already because she turned off the water and stepped out. Wearing her new swim goggles. 

She cracks me up!

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Danny & Paulette said...

I don't want Stephanie to be alone in her embarassing moment, so here's my moment of the day. Today I was trying to be helpful around the house and decided to spray the weeds we have growing amongst our desert landscape. As I was pumping the canister for pressure I thought "We need to get some bug spray next time we go shopping." With bug spray on my mind, I proceeded to spray the garage and laundry room with Round-Up. As I reached down to pump up some more pressure I noticed I had sprayed weed killer in the garage. OOPS. I know you can see the look of confusion on Paulette's face when I told her we won't have any weeds growing in the garage for a while.