Thursday, May 29, 2008

lowest number wins, right?

Ahh ~ track break. Lovely time to relax and take it easy. Right? Then why was I busting a blood vessel to get the kids to get their shoes on to get out the door this morning? Turns out that even though we were the last ones to get to the bowling alley, the others were also late and arrived just before us. Whew!

Heather's teacher had free passes for bowling. So we met her and her four kids, plus another mom & two kids at the bowling alley to throw some balls around. Throw would not be an exaggeration for some of the kids. It's not often you get to hang out with your teacher outside of school, so Heather was thrilled. I think Lacey was glad to see me too (Heather's teacher's daughter is in my class.).

When we put on our bowling shoes Heather announced that the shoes are funny looking with a little pout. Yes, dear, they sure are. After I told her that bowling shoes are always funny looking and she took a look at all of our feet she was ok with the whole deal.

Me? Very out of practice, scored a big, fat z-e-r-o for the first many frames. Who cares!

The kids got the hang of it and both bowled a 70. Well, thank goodness for the bumpers. Maybe next time I will try with the bumpers and see how I do! Cheaters!

Check out Stephanie's form and the airborne ball!

No granny bowling for this crowd.

Heather watches with tense anticipation as her ball travels pretty slowly down the lane. Without the bumpers, she'd be toast.

Intense concentration.

Both of the kids told me (more than once) they had a good time bowling.  While they were feeling all warm and glowing inside I tortured them with shopping at the craft store and Target. hee hee.

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