Friday, May 2, 2008

mini me

Last Thursday was Take Your Child to Work Day. Since the kids cannot go to work with Greg, I'm it. Can you just see them running their little legs off to keep up with him at work? By the time they got the seat belt unbuckled he'd be running them over to get out of the truck with a package in hand. Then by the time they got out and headed to the door of the delivery he'd be zooming by them to jump back in the truck. I just don't think it'd work out so well.

Stephanie has gone to work with me on this day since she was 4. Don't tell Heather that, though or fits of jealousy will ensue. A few years ago the school district changed the rules and kids had to be 8 to accompany their school district employee parent to work. Sneaking an underage worker down the hall to be in my classroom for a little while is one thing. Boldly bringing an underage non-school kid in the front door on this day would have been quite another. So Heather did not get to go when she was four. Sorry, babe.

Stephanie said she wanted to go with me again this year. Really? I don't get it. She's at school all the time. She gets there early with me and stays late with me. If I have to go on the weekend she sometimes comes then too. I guess it was the novelty of being there with my students in the room. Although she's right next door so she sees & hears me all the time. 

She wanted to grade papers. Well, alright, my dear. Have at it. She's such a little teacher-type. I even let her use my special grading markers. Usually she gets snapped at to leave them alone. 

And before you go thinking Heather got gyped on this whole deal, I went to get her from her room for about half an hour before Miss Janice came to pick her up. She put papers in the mailboxes for me and read with one of my students.


Danny & Paulette said...

Alright Mrs. Robinson; First we get no blogs from you for 3 weeks and now we get 8 blogs in 4 days??? Inconsistency, thy name is woman (Andrea in this case). But don't get me wrong, I appreciate the entertainment.

Andrea said...

Danny ~ Your counting skills are a little off! Perhaps a repeat of 2nd grade is in order! :)