Saturday, May 3, 2008

can't get enough of you!

This boy is such a sweet baby. We could not get enough cuddles, snuggles, kisses, sniffs, smiles, laughs, or pictures of him. The kids and I fought all weekend over who would get to hold him or feed him. It's a wonder the boy got to sleep any for as much as we wanted to do with him. He was probably all tuckered out from his weekend with us!

Carter has an easy smile, but these girls can really get him going.

Before our trip Heather asked if she was going to be able to hold Carter. I told her yes, as long as she was sitting down. She was outraged by this. She argued that she holds Gianna while standing. Well, let's see, Gianna is two and a half, tiny girl. A little different. Still, she was miffed by the whole unfairness of it all. I guess she wanted to cart him around on her hip while talking on the phone and washing bottles all morning. 

Carter was a good natured boy and tolerated being jostled about by the girls very well. I know they can't wait until he is older and able to properly play with them. 

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