Tuesday, May 27, 2008

i win, i win, i win

All this time, I've been working so hard on that darned Mother of the Year Award. Come to find out, I've already won!

You see, my dear husband pointed out to me today that since I am the only mother in the house, I sort of win by default. I'm the only one they can vote for. And since I'm the one who does the cooking around here, I can't be voted off the island either. Well, I guess I can, but then they'd be miserable. 

Knowing that I've won gives me such freedom! I can now be in a bad mood & yell at everyone without feeling guilty. I can feed them cereal for dinner and let the dishes pile up for days weeks. Laundry? Hey, if it doesn't smell, wear it again. Ironing? Well, I just can't give that one up. Shower on track break or weekends? Heck no! Dusting? Vacuuming? Cleaning toilets? Hmm, no thanks. Cleaning up clutter? A little clutter never hurt anyone. Disciplining children? Instilling virtue and manners? Do whatever you want. Everyone else's kids do. Monitoring homework and projects? Don't have time for it. Snuggles and cuddles? Aw, that's for sissies.

It's liberating, really, to know that I've won and that can't be undone.

So next time you see me I'll be lounging on the couch, eating ice cream while a watch a movie or read a book. Or maybe I'll take a few naps.

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