Saturday, May 24, 2008

proud moments in wonderland

Stephanie's play was Thursday for Cultural Arts Night at school and I'm pretty sure she stole the show! I can say that with confidence because I am not one bit biased or anything!

She was the perfect little Alice. Her lines were perfectly memorized and delivered with expression

All the kids did a great job with their lines. Sometimes the kids can be very hard to understand even though they have memorized their lines. This group of kids was able to deliver their lines clearly.

Daddy bought her flowers from the guy at the freeway off ramp that you usually try to avoid eye contact with as you wait for the light to change.

Heather was very proud of her star sister. She did take this proud moment to inch her way onto the step above Stephanie to be taller, however.

Friday they performed two more shows for assemblies for all the students. They sported these cute little drama club shirts when they weren't performing. Stephanie felt pretty cool to be able to wear make up all day at school. Don't get used to that, little girl! Suzanne decided to have the drama club open to 3rd and 4th graders next year, so Stephanie has decided she will be in the drama club again. That's fine with me, but don't go demanding bottled water and imported cheeses in your dressing room or anything! 

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