Friday, May 30, 2008


Papa brought Gianna over to play today. Tomorrow, Gianna is moving to San Diego with her mommy. The girls really love to be with Gianna. They take very good care of her like little mommies when they are around her. She is almost three and really talks a lot now. She calls both of the kids Stephanie-Heather.  

It was a very nice morning, so the kids played outside for a little while. Actually, nice means nothing to these kids. They'd be out there even if it was 145 degrees! At one point they were fighting over who got to push her, sit by her, breathe the same air as her, etc. They share toys quite well, but have trouble sharing a cousin. Gianna is oblivious to all this and just flits from one activity to another with two older cousins vying for her attention.

So Heather was pretty mad that she had to sit by herself here on this swing (she got her cousin-partner later on).

Oh! Happy now that she got to spin with Gianna. Ok, well, maybe I had to intervene on this one and tell Stephanie to bugger off.

If Gianna (and the adults) would let them, the kids would carry her around 24/7. Sometimes she is like a little doll to them. If only she would cooperate and let them carry her, stroller her, dress her, feed her....

Still on a bowling high from yesterday, they set up a mini game on the patio. That didn't really work out well because every time the pins were set, Gianna quickly took a ball and knocked them over at close range. Taking turns it not in her game plan.

After a while we came in to play and then had lunch. Gianna loves our assortment of dress up shoes. 

Taking a picture of Gianna is quite a feat! Once you get the camera aimed and ready, then push the button and wait for the shutter to engage, she usually has her head down or has turned around. This happens even when she doesn't really realize you are taking her picture. I have tons of pictures of the top or back of her head! She doesn't pose too well these days either. I had to bribe her with a sucker. Then she gave her cheesiest smile for one picture only. Wouldn't you know it, that was the picture that Stephanie and Heather weren't ready for. Getting her to take another resulted in behavior like this picture. I finally gave up!

Gianna's supposed to be in town for one week a month to visit her daddy. We will get to see her about as often as we used to, but somehow it won't be the same as when she lives here. 

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