Wednesday, May 21, 2008

i found this

I was going to the bathroom the other day in my bathroom (TMI, I know) and I look over to find this:

Many of you might think that with hundreds thousands (but I always have to buy more to find matching a matching set when I need it) of these things floating around our house that it may have just happened to fall all bundled up onto this tiny little space. Nope. Can you just guess who did this? I didn't witness it, but I know my children and I know how this went down. I chuckled as I saw this unfold in my mind. This child was allowed to take a shower in our bathroom (they fight over the turn to do this) and was using the bathroom before like a good little monkey should. She was probably singing a little tune to herself as she pulled the pony out of her hair (like they've been told to a million times). She pulled it out all bundled up like this and happened to see just the perfect spot to tuck a coiled pony. Then she smiled, pleased with herself, finished her business and got in the shower (more singing probably ensued). 

Can you guess?

It was Heather, I'm certain.

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