Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Several summers ago I took an oil painting class. This was my first and only exposure to oil paints. The technique of the class was something quite different than what I had been used to with the acrylics that I use for my tole painting. This class required me to approach the painting from a different perspective. Instead of thinking about highlights last, I had to think about them first. Instead of going with the flow, I had to have a definite plan. I did not finish the painting in the 4-week class (we were not expected to finish in that amount of time.) I was paralyzed at home with the work - scared to make a mistake. In class I was confident and felt like I was doing a pretty decent job. So needless to say, I worked on the painting once after the class ended and here it sits.

I am afraid of the thing and this painting has been sitting half of the scrapbook part of my tables, along with the tote of oil painting supplies. It's in the way! It takes up lots of room. I am thinking of putting it away. For years now I've thought that if I put it away then I will for sure not work on it. Did you get that? I said YEARS - with an S. Hmm. It's been in my way for years. I look at it every time I come in the room and think wistfully that someday I will finish. I'm sure I will...someday, but not today.

That leads me to my other confliction. I love to paint. I love to scrapbook and make paper crafts. I am finding sewing enjoyable again.  I want to do it all. There are so many ideas and possible projects in my head right now. I tend to do one hobby and ignore the rest. But I'd like to find a way to divide my time evenly and give each hobby a little attention. Ha! That's so funny because we all know I'm a horrible time manager. Sometimes I even feel so overwhelmed by it all I cannot actually do anything and waste time watching t.v. or on the computer.

Oh, and let's not forget the other things in life that need my attention: Greg, the kids, the house, the laundry, my job. 

Anyway, that's my conflict today. 

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