Friday, March 7, 2008

today i am a brick layer

You might be tired of hearing about the backyard right about now...too bad. The backyard pretty much consumes our lives right now. We have to get lots of stuff done before we can plant seed next week. Then? We sit and watch it grow...and play on it.

Today Greg rented a saw to make all the cuts on the pavers for the paved portion of the island. All the pavers were laid, except the ones that needed to be cut. Greg cut and I laid the remaining bricks. I was not a happy girl when I scraped my knuckles on the stucco. The kids helped ~ off and on. They helped, then played, played some more, then helped, then played some more. Oh! Can we fix sandwiches for lunch? They ate lunch in the back of Greg's truck. They are fascinated by playing in the bed of his truck today. The saw is still going. Greg has moved onto the stairs and my help is temporarily not needed.

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