Friday, March 7, 2008

more about poop

It never ceases to amaze Danny that hardly a meal with us can go by that someone doesn't bring up poop or some other bodily function that probably shouldn't be discussed at the table. So, since the topic here is poop, put down that sandwich until I'm done.

I helped Greg unload the manure early this morning so he could go to the Depot. I was in the truck handing down bags of crap to him. Let me tell you, 75 bags of steer stuff is disgusting! All I could think of is that it is actually someone's job to go around the farm picking this up and wheel barrowing it somewhere to be churned, steamed (I'm sure), have additives added to it, and sold to the public. What a great racket - we are actually paying for shit! But still, who would want that job? Then I wondered if Mike from Dirty Jobs has ever been on this job ~ the gathering of the feces. And since it was still in the bag and not steaming fresh, the smell has probably dissipated to some degree. I decided that if I was so grossed out about this, I could never handle any of the jobs on that show. However, this was not a new revelation to me about myself. I know for a fact when I watch the show that I could never, will never, do that show. It's not like they've called me begging for me to be on the show recently or anything. I'm just saying.

Afterwards I washed my hands five or so times. But I could still smell it on my hands. Ewww!

The part I'm totally not looking forward to is the spreading of the doodee. Who will be the volunteer to take my spot?

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