Tuesday, March 18, 2008

it's perfect

The house isn't done. It will probably never be done. We will always have one project or another to work on. It's just the way we are. When we finally do finish the house, we will probably start all over. 

When we first moved in this house I told Greg I wanted to do the kitchen in roosters. I sort of promised (maybe with my fingers crossed) that the roosters would stay in the kitchen. Then I saw the lamps. One is a greyish rooster with a lovely red gingham shade. Awesome! The other is a small whitewash rooster with a darling shade with beads. They are the perfect accessories to allow the living room/front entry to mesh with the kitchen with the open floor plan and all. I bought them and sold Greg with the explanation I just gave you. Just these. No more except in the kitchen.

That said, I have this cute little black table between the entertainment center and the window by the stairs. It has a spot for books underneath. The rooster lamp with the red gingham shade is on that table (see above). All the table needs is a chair to sit by it. A simple kitchen chair, painted black. I'm not going to pay a lot for it, so I've never bought one. The ones I found that would be ok are lots of money. So I've decided to go looking at garage sales and such, then paint the whole thing black myself. I can do it because I'm handy that way. 

I haven't gone to the garage sales yet, but I have to soon because I found the perfect fabric to make a cushion or pillow for the chair. It's gold with reddish/rust colored roosters scattered throughout. Oh, it's so wonderful, so simple, so chic. I told Greg about it and he repeated my promise to keep the roosters in the kitchen. I don't believe we pinky promised way back then, so I may be able to get out of this one. I'll have to check with my lawyer brother-in-law. I reminded him that it's very simple, not big huge roosters all over the place. "Oh, not like the gigantic 3D rooster that's in the kitchen?" he asked. Whatever! No, nothing like that one!

I need to make a move on this project because if I wait too long, the fabric will discontinue or be all bought up by all the rooster loving decorators out there!

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Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Andrea, thanks for stopping by & chiming in on the grocery post. It was very helpful to see what everyone else is doing to try to save money on food.

Looks like you are getting ready for yardsales too! I live for them!

Have a wonderful Easter!