Sunday, March 2, 2008

rockin' & rakin'

I didn't intend on working in the back yard today. I had plenty of fun stuff work to do inside. Greg was working on the tile in the fountain area. Nothing I can help with there. The kids were having a great time playing outside. Then they managed to get themselves in trouble by not listening to what Daddy told them to do. So I told them that they lost their outside privileges. Just at that point Greg was getting ready to do the rock hauling. I realized he might want some company. He might want some adult help. Over the course of this back yard adventure whenever we came upon large rocks (and there are some large ones) we first put them in the base of the island. After the island was completed we just made one huge rock pile. Today it was time to get rid of it. So there we were, heavin' and hoin', putting rocks in the back of Greg's truck. Then it was my job to go all through the yard and rake out the loose rocks to be hauled away too. It was just the two of us out there, working in the dirt, talking, & being grown up.

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