Sunday, March 23, 2008


Last night we decorated eggs. But before that, the girls each made diagrams of how they planned on decorating their eggs. Heather simply drew the egg as she envisioned it. Stephanie drew the egg, then added step by step instructions. Once they got started, they deviated from their plans, but still referred to them now and again. Heather checked off the ones she was able to complete. 

This was a wonderful, low key night. The girls are at the age where we (really, me) don't have to worry too much about spilling the dye all over the place. They have definite ideas of what they want and how to accomplish it. We gave them the eggs and let them have at it. This is a great age! Check out the concentration on their faces.

Look at those gorgeous eggs! I took a couple of their eggs and wrote messages with the invisible crayon for the girls. The bunnies are not my artwork, but the kids. 

Egg dying has been somewhat stressful in the past. So much potential mess! Not so much this time. I purposed ahead of time I was going to be as laid back as possible. It worked. Greg probably would not like for me to tell you that it was him who spilled the blue dye on the sheet while we were cleaning up. Let's not mention it to him. Deal?

Throughout the evening Stephanie burst out in sheer excitement that she might not be able to get to sleep. She was so excited about the Easter Bunny coming. It almost rivaled the excitement about Santa. Holy cow!

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