Wednesday, March 5, 2008

she took it on the chin

You guessed it ~ another fabulous day of playing outside. That is, until Heather fell several times on her scooter. The last time caused noticeable damage. So I came home from the grocery store to find Heather & Stephanie on the couch watching t.v. They got sent in to rest. They were really supposed to take a nap, but neither of us really enforced it, so they lounged the afternoon away watching all their Tivo'd shows. And since they never napped, they had to stay in the rest of the day. Too bad, too, because the cute little neighbor boy came looking for them after he got home from school. He's only 3 (or maybe 4) and is totally adorable. His older brothers don't play with him as nicely as the girls do, so go figure he always wants them to play. They totally dig mothering him, too.

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